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Vanlife - Sunshine Coast Continued - Week #21

We are having the time of our lives on the Sunshine Coast. It's been so great to truly enjoy all the hard work we've put into making this van our tiny home. We love exploring where, and when we want to. It;s getting easier to find spots to stay and know where we are comfortable. We met an amazing couple at Burnett Falls and they took us in and showed us around. We were so spoiled. I hope you enjoy this Van life adventure video.

The Sunshine Coast is by far exceeding our expectations. I am extremely grateful that my pregnancy is going so smoothly so we get to enjoy this time together while it's just us.

Pregnancy - 13 Weeks- I'm happy to say that the first trimester is behind me. I'm excited to move into the second trimester and start learning about all it entails. Andrew spent some time earlier this week holding a baby for awhile, he hasn't been around babies much in his life. It was adorable, I'm sure he will pick it up in no time. She was playing with a plug and naturally he started telling her how many volts was in it. I couldn't stop laughing. Are kids are always going to get the most random facts from Andrew, I can't wait!

Here are some pictures from our trip on the coast so far.

I'll attach some of our Tik Toks so you have some shorter videos videos to watch in case you are too time crunched for a longer You Tube video. They are all under a minute.

I'll throw a few on here for those of you of who are not on our social media.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of summer as much as we are!

Take Care and until next sSunday,

Michelle & Andrew


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