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Chapter 8 photos

Adventure Hunt in Edmonton

                                The Slip n slide we built
(Note Andrew's outfit that is on the cover of the book)

 Cool dude

 Ice Bucket Challenge

My cousin and I riding a bike with flat tires

Andrew right after he jumped in the cold lake

                                At the finish line
                I hated this outfit so much, lol

Backpacking up to the glacier

 All smiles to start off the trip

My first time seeing a glacier

 The cabin we all stayed in

                       It was so cozy inside
(Where the Mars conversation happened)

The cooking Area

The sleeping bunks

A chilly Canada day

Back home we go

The Magic the Gathering set up in my livingroom

 So deep in the rabbit hole

 I joined the madness

20 - Andrew's big day at the Calgary grand prix

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