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Settled Into Salmon Arm

Happy "Almost December" everyone! Personally, November seems to be my least favorite month of the year no matter where I am in the world. For me, it just feels like a "blah" month where nothing seems to work out the way it's supposed to and I have zero motivation. Then December hits and it's smiles and Christmas cheer all around. Maybe it's meant to be my reset month to be lazy, I suppose we all need one of those per year. Moving into December I'm feeling highly motivated and optimistic about our 6 months here in beautiful Salmon Arm.

I've decided to make the blog a monthly email now that we aren't adventuring around living Van Life. If there's an exciting update I may also send an email mid-month. Most of you follow us on social media, and for the few that don't, you will get a summary of our month every month to get caught up on what we've been up to. I will continue to post daily stories on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our Tik Toks are what have been gaining the most traction as we've just past the 11.2 Thousand Followers Mark! I plan on keeping my focus aimed there for the next few months as I aim to grow that number. We will also be building the YouTube Channel more after the baby comes. All of our social media links are on the home page of my website for those of you who are interested.

Here's our month in a nutshell -

Salmon Arm Updates -

It took a few weeks for us to get settled in here. It felt like a big transition going from living in a van for 7 months to settling in one spot. Andrew immediately headed off to his Vipassana meditation course, here are a few videos about his experience. He's continued to meditate for 30 minutes every morning and evening since he's been home. The experience has forever changed him for the better. I'm proud of how much work he's put into his self-awareness this year. Our baby is getting one fantastic father that's for sure.

Work Update - I got hired at Walmart on November 6th as a cashier through the holiday season to get my maternity leave hours. I was ecstatic and eager to have a busy 2 months to get those hours, but the universe had a different plan in store for me. After a few weeks of being frustrated, I eventually landed a different job at "Discovery Kids". I'll be working in an after school program for 3.5 hours a day Mon-Fri for the duration of my pregnancy. I'm very excited to start that job tomorrow and meet some nice people.

Trying to stay busy in our new town and explore.

Baby Bump Updates -

Everything with baby is going very smoothly. Every single appointment we are blessed with nothing but good news.

Obviously, Baby Showers are faux pas at the moment so we have decided to create an online baby registry. We will make our rounds next May through Calgary and host a "meet the baby" event. We have been so blessed to have had nearly half of our items purchased already. A huge thank you to all of our friends, family, and followers who are already spoiling this baby with loving gifts.

Here is the Link to our Baby Registry -

Just for some extra laughs here's Andrew learning about all the baby stuff.

"The Stroller Show" is my personal favorite. It's the last one.

I'll leave this blog here and I trust you all enjoyed your weekend.

Big hugs from Michelle, Andrew, and baby bump.


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