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Van Life - 7 week road trip is over - Week #27

As I write this weeks blog we're back at the farm near Salmon Arm. It's hard to believe that we are entering our 7th and last month of Van Life. That was a very busy and exciting 7 weeks touring the west coast. Although we had blast, we are both excited to move into this next chapter of our adventure and shift gears.

We have our big 20 week ultrasound in Salmon Arm this week.

We can't wait to see baby! Won't just look like a baby bean this time :)

19 Week Pregnancy Vlog - This one is a little embarrassing...but oh well...

October - This month it's off to Golden, to meet with realtors and look at possibilities for our permanent land development/community. We are excited to spend some real time there to feel out the area more. We also have a quick stop in Calgary to finish Andrew's dental work and grab some of our belongings before moving to Salmon Arm on the 27th. I've never been more excited for winter! I can't wait to stay in one spot and laze around all winter while working on my business. It's been a fantastic 6 months of Van Life, but this momma-to-be is ready for some rest and relaxation.

Here is a few TikToks for those of you who like our short videos and aren't on social media.

Here is a Van Life adventure Video of us touring Gabriola Island. It was stunning!

One of our YouTube videos invited us out there and gave us the V.I.P. tour.

Here is a Van Life adventure video of our time in Ladysmith and Goldstream Provincial Park

That's all for today folks!

As always thanks for following our journey and I'll be in touch next Sunday!

Michelle & Andrew


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