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No More Vanlife

First off I'd like to explain why I missed the last 2 Sunday blogs. When we drove from Calgary to Mara with all of our stuff we ended up breaking my laptop (poop). I had wrapped it in a fuzzy blanket so Andrew didn't see it and he put something heavy on top of it. Now it won't turn on. Rather than stress about, I just decided not to pick back up on the blog until we settled into our new place in Salmon Arm.

I've got so many videos to post on YouTube this week to wrap up our Van Life Journey.

Here's the updated pregnancy vlogs - Everything with baby couldn't be going more smoothly at this point. We are grateful for that. Baby is the size of an eggplant these 3 weeks.

Week #21 Pregnancy Vlog - Andrew was tired because it was his birthday the day before.

Week #22 Pregnancy Vlog - We were looking at properties in Golden.

Week #23 Pregnancy Vlog - I'm alone in Salmon Arm while Andrew is off doing a 10 day Vipassana Course in Silence.

Here's a video of our moving experience and my first day in Salmon Arm. Those of you on our social media would have seen all of this :)

Here's a YouTube Video of our visit to Victoria the last week of September.

Here's a YouTube Video of our last day on the Island and our Trip back to Salmon Arm. The last week of our big 7 week road trip.

There's a lot of videos to catch up on this week so I'll leave this blog here. I trust you all enjoyed your Halloween and had a fabulous weekend. I'm very excited to cuddle up by the fireplace and enjoy some Netflix movies tonight in my new place!

Big Hugs to you all,

Michelle and Baby Bump


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