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Vanlife Random- Week #11

It's so hard to know what to spend time on these days. I'd love to add some fun wellness components to my website, build my Linkedln, grow my email list, get better at making my videos/editing, and grow my Instagram/facebook/YouTube Channel. All while having fun exploring and learning to adjust to living in a Van.

Jeeeez slow your roll Michelle, this is going to take you years to figure out. You've gotta pace yourself. Sorry the blog is a day late again this week, we had no service all weekend and we ended up getting our Van stuck down a pretty steep hill.

Next week's blog is going to be a doozy!!! Much better than this weeks blog I promise :)

I'm a little brain-dead today after a crazy week so I'm just sending out some videos you may or may not have seen a couple of them depending on if you're on our social media.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday! Big hugs all around.

Here's a little video about our weekend at Hydrolic Lake Recreational site.

We biked to Myra Canyon in hopes to see the Trestles.

New video about my birthday week when Andrew installed our new heater. It's a long one but I kept it to show how much work that was, as well as how frustrating it is to have Andrew working on the Van while I'm living in it.

We were having a rough stressful week after Andrew had to fix our alternator and things kept going wrong.

This was the first story Andrew ever told to the Camera for our blog.

I couldn't sleep one night so I got up and rambled off some thoughts on life and honoring your truth.


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