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Vanlife off Grid- Pooping in the Woods

Happy Sunday amazing followers! I am very grateful for you :) Your emails, comments, and positive messages have brightened my week. If my posts/stories are giving you any kind of comedic distraction from the tough things going on in this world then that makes my heart smile. You can't take life seriously all the time or you'll go nuts.

Unfortunately, I've got to make the blog post quick this week since I've been hot-spotting off of Andrew's phone to post stories as I have no service. The video I uploaded yesterday about pooping in the woods took several hours to load so it will be the only video this week. I had hoped to also post a video about a few mistakes we made and things we didn't think of about going off-grid for a long period of time, but those will have to wait until next week.

We have been off-grid since last Monday and are hoping to make it until Wednesday which is our 10-day goal. Water will be what we run out of first. Andrew showers every day! Arrrrgh. I really shouldn't complain since he smells better than I do, but seriously?!!?!? Last night it rained pretty hard and it filled up the shower which made him quite happy. I used it once and it was freezing! Gotta practice my Wif Hof methods.

We are also thinking about heading into the registry to change our Van's name to "Patrick". "Vagabond" just doesn't roll off your tongue smooth enough. We will discuss it further before finalizing anything.

The plan with being off-grid for 10 days was to spend zero money from our travel fund, but things haven't gone that way. Andrew has ordered us a ventilator system and a better heater to install in the van. We will be putting that in next week. It seems silly to put so much money into a 2003 truck, but we know we will need it when we travel across Alaska and the Yukon. When we buy our land one day this van will have to be our "guest house" or an Air BnB experience for people passing by who want to try "Vanlife". That way it'll pay for all the gadgets we are putting in it once the engine stops working. I've also ordered a blue tooth microphone and a selfie stick stabilizer so I can learn to make better videos for all of you. I want to show you all the places we are going to explore in this Van! Take you along with me on the journey so you feel like you are there.

I haven't watched the news since my last blog so I'm blissfully unaware of what's going on in the world. I hope things are improving for everyone. I'm optimistic our "new normal" will improve our quality of life in the long run.

Stay healthy and keep looking on the bright side as much as possible. I hope you enjoy our poop video! teehee


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