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Vanlife-Last Week at "The Farm" - Week #14

We pulled up to this farm Sunday, June 14th expecting to stay 1 week at the most. We've enjoyed our time here so much that it didn't make any sense to leave. It's amazing how you can meet certain people and feel accepted instantly exactly for who you, that's how we've been treated here. When those moments happen it's best to enjoy them as long as possible. We've enjoyed good company and great views for weeks, but it is time to hit the road soon and explore more of this beautiful country. We will be making a quick stop in Calgary next week so Andrew can get some dental work done, and I can check in on my tenants and grab my mail. Then we will be heading out exploring until it gets too cold to do so, (we are thinking November). That gives us 4 months to see as much of this country as possible before we stay put somewhere for a while through the winter.


I know this Van Life adventure technically started March 25th when we couldn't get on a plane to India, but it feels as though those first few months were a learning curve of adapting to Van Life. THE TRUE ADVENTURE IS YET TO COME. We are so excited to bring you along on this journey with us. We've learned quite a bit already, and Andrew has this van in tip-top shape ready to handle anything the road throws at us. We do have quite a few ideas of places we wish to visit first, but we plan on letting the road tell us where to go for the most part. We love meeting strangers and asking them where we should go next.

Here is the blog post video we filmed last Sunday that wouldn't load.

We will be pros at this one day, for now, enjoy our growth process and ridiculousness.

Here is a video of Andrew's mountain biking accident. He filmed himself getting stitches so only a certain breed will be able to stomach the ending of that video. His stitches are out now and he is healing nicely :)

Here is a video about us going on a hunt to find floating sunglasses one afternoon after Andrew lost his in a lake. It has some funny moments and interesting rants from Andrew. I find it tough to shop with him for the most part because he gets so particular about what he wants and determined to find it.

Thanks for following the blog everyone and I hope you have a fantastic week!


Michelle & Andrew


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