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Vanlife at the Farm - Week #13

Sorry the blog is coming out a little late in the day this week. It's been a busy weekend between a big family BBQ, and Andrew ending up in the hospital needing stitches Friday night. I haven't gotten around to finishing up our next YouTube video. This is the first blog post I'm writing from my phone so I'm curious to see how it'll work.

I'm doing my best to find balance between enjoying my time off while working enough to grow our social media platform. Lately I've been leaning towards enjoying life more and making less videos. I'm sure there will be peaks and valleys throughout this process.

I have a habit of chasing things too hard while forcing them to happen on my time frame (right away). This week I've been working on "Allowing" more so than "Forcing". Which means I may let a few things slide through the cracks here and there, and that's ok. I really want to enjoy this time and be present with Andrew as well as build our following.

Today marks 3 months since we purchased Patrick. Quite a bit has happened in the past few months. I've been reflecting on all the things we've learned in such a short period of time. Tiny home living certainly isn't for everyone, but I think it is a really good fit for us. Not having many possesions changes you in ways I can't explain. It just feels like there's less to focus on in general. More time to enjoy eachother and "just be". Exploring and searching for new things to do has become a large part of our lives. We stare at animals, plants, and birds more so than ever before. I do miss that feeling of enjoying the condo once it's all clean and having a bubble bath sometimes, but I certainly don't miss any possessions. I bought a new sweater yesterday that I really like and I have to give one up so I have room to hang it somewhere, and I'm ok with that.

I joined Tik Tok this week and made quite a few videos on there to tell our Vanlife stories. Its been fun. I was hoping to attach some of them to this post so you could see them, but unfortunately they won't load. The wifi here is spotty on the best of days. Photos unfortunately aren't loading either. I'll make it up to you all next week ❤️.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. We will be staying out here in Mara, BC for another 10 days or so. I'm looking forward to exploring again soon and hitting the road!

Take care and until next Sunday,

Michelle & Andrew


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