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Vanlife & Anxiety - Week #10

Our week has been quite the roller-coaster ride between fun adventures while letting loose and battling with anxiety while finishing the van. If you want to learn a lot about yourself, live in a van for a couple of months, and that'll do the trick. It's certainly not an easy thing to adjust to, but the excitement/freedom of it is unmatched and well worth it overall I'd say.

This week our alternator failed and Andrew is making the final adjustments on our solar panels and shower. I've been struggling with staying positive as I'm done with all the chaos in the van, but I'm doing my best to be patient as I know he's nearly got this van at a very comfortable living point for both of us. Getting a small living space ready while you're living in that space is no easy task, but we are nearly there. Patrick has less rust, is painted, ventilated, has a new fridge, stove, and alternator. I'm looking forward to showing you all Patrick 2.0 in 2 weeks or so once we can make a video and show him off.

Happiness is often found in the balance between chaos and order. Too much order and life can feel predictable, boring, and without growth. Too much chaos and life can become full of anxiety and panic. I'd say that considering we had our entire travel plans derailed by a pandemic when we had nowhere to live, we've done a good job overall at keeping it together. This week though it feels as though we've been tipped too much towards chaos. We've grown an immense amount these past 2 months while learning about off-grid Van life. Our dream one day is to own land in British Columbia and build an off-grid community, so I know that all this chaos at the moment is for the greater good of our dream as we adapt to the changes.

I finished a couple mini adventure videos for you guys to enjoy this week.

We've also been toying with the idea of making Van Conversion Videos of all the things we've learned adapting in this Van so far. So here's a couple of those.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! Until next Sunday :)

As always thanks so much for your support and for following our adventures!


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