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Van Life - Vancouver Island Week #26

We've officially reached the final week of our 7 week road trip of the coast. We've been blessed to see so many beautiful spots on this island so far, and I'm sure this last week will be more of the same. The adventure never stops in Van Life. We are currently in Victoria visiting my friend Courtney. Tomorrow we hit the road back to the main land as we make our way back to Salmon Arm. We are excited to be moving onto a new type of adventure soon. I'm very excited for our Doctor's appointment in Salmon Arm & Ultrasound next week. Then it'll be off to Golden for a couple weeks to meet with some realtors and scope out some land ideas for our permanent home. Only 1 month left of Van Life! I have a bunch of videos to share this week. I hope everyone is enjoying fall as all the leaves change. It's my favorite time of year.

#18 - Week Pregnancy Vlog -

Here's some Tik Toks just for fun-

Here's our You Tube Adventure Video from Tofino - Andrew tried surfing!

We really enjoyed Rainforest Trail and Big Tree Trail!

Here is a mini Adventure video of Goats on the Roof in Coombs, as well as Englishman River Falls. We were blessed to rest in an Air BnB for 2 days after Tofino, we certainly needed it.

Big Hugs,

Michelle & Andrew


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