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Van Life - North Vancouver Island - Week #24

Telegraph Cove - We had a fantastic 24 hours at Telegraph Cove. This is a really long video that is mostly composed of our Whale Watching tour & the Whale Museum. We met a girl who has been whale watching once a week for 6 years, as well as enjoyed the company of the crew. They all said the same thing..."You should never go Whale Watching again because you will never see anything like tonight". We were very blessed to have the humpbacks communicating so much and coming up to the surface.

North Vancouver Island - My favorite Part of this video was the accidental spot we found for snorkeling in Woss, BC. It was breathtaking. It felt like we were in Fiji.

16 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog - So excited to hit the 4 month mark!!!

I'll attach a few Tik Toks so you can see how our current week is going.

We are currently exploring Ucluelet and Tofino.

Have a wonderful week everyone xoxo

Michelle & Andrew


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