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Van Life - Back In Alberta - Week #15

This week we ventured from Mara, British Columbia back to Alberta. We had an overnight stop in Golden along the way. We felt some magic in Golden, we could potentially see ourselves settling down there one day. We plan on going back to Golden to spend some more time there later this summer.

We are currently spending this weekend in Brooks, Alberta catching up with friends we've missed dearly. Next week we have a couple of quick stops in Calgary before heading off camping next weekend with friends we are looking forward to seeing. Andrew needs to go to the dentist and we will also be grabbing some of his tools in Calgary.

Our plan from there is to explore the west coast and potentially Yukon and Alaska. We are going to let the road tell us where to go, and follow the path with the least resistance. Before we head off to explore again we will be taking Andrew's tools back to Mara so when we return there this winter he will have more tools available to do some more refrigeration work in the area. That's the loose plan for now anyways.

I hope you are well and as always, thanks so much for following our journey.

Your support and comments mean a lot to us as it feels we are not alone in our travels.

Big Hugs,

Michelle & Andrew


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