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Turtle Mountain - Crowsnest Pass

Turtle Mountain is a 6.9 km hike with an elevation gain of 925 Meters. I found this hike difficult and would recommend using poles. It's a solid workout. I absolutely loved the views on this hike and plan on doing it again! I'd put it in my top 5 :)

My favorite thing about this hike was that you have 360 degree views basically the entire way up. Bring lots of sunscreen if it's hot as it's not a very shaded trail. It's also steep from the beginning so it doesn't allow for much of a warm up. There are cozy spots to sit along the way, which is a must on a steep hike like this. I didn't make it to the 2nd summit that day because it was an early morning after a late night, but I plan on attempting that next time.


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