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Frank Slide - Crowsnest Pass

Frank Slide is one of the largest landslides in Canadian History, as well as the deadliest.

70-90 of the town's residents were killed by the landslide in 1903 and remain buried in the rubble. Imagine sleeping in your bed only to wake to the sound of a mountain tumbling down. My memories of going to Frank Slide as a kid are very vivid and memorable considering I was only 8 years old. The videos and pictures of the town and people before it was crushed by the mountain really stuck with me. This made it even more interesting to return as an adult.

I have been to Frank Slide 3 times in my life. Most recently in 2018 when Baxter nearly ran off the cliff! He was stoned from having his teeth removed and I probably never should have put him down to take a picture. Grabbed the little fellow just in time!

I highly recommend visiting and taking your kids to this Provincial Historical site.

The interpretive center is quite impressive and the energy there is unmatched from anything I've ever experienced. Even driving through it is enough to give you chills. There's lots of paths to explore with information posted along the way.


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