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Our Scariest Adventure Yet - Week #12

This week's blog has two longer videos in it. If you haven't been following our stories on social media you may not know that we got "Patrick" stuck down a very steep hill. If you are on social media and haven't added us to see our stories you are missing out as we've been full of random laughs these past few weeks. Links are on my homepage.

We've learned our lesson and certainly won't be driving down any forestry roads in the dark anytime soon. It's a long one but it's certainly filled with quite a few laughs and suspenseful moments. When you have some time to spare pour yourself a drink, make some popcorn and give it a watch. Excited to see your comments.

A huge shout out and thank you to Kelly who gave up an afternoon on his vacation to help us city folk get up the 4x4 hill! You're the best Kelly! When I do a whiskey shot with a toe in it up in The Yukon I'll cheers to you!

This video shows the progression of our many upgrades on the van and what we've learned so far. If you're not interested in ever living in a tiny house it may not be of interest to you, but it certainly shows how Andrew's mind works.

We are currently staying on a beautiful farm in Mara, B.C with some nice people who are spoiling us rotten. It's 25 degrees outside and they are waiting on me for a cocktail hour so I'm going to keep this post short and sweet.

As always thanks so much for all the support in our journey and we look forward to any comments on our mad adventure.

All the best everyone,

Michelle & Andrew


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