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Our 2nd trip off-grid - Week #7

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend Sunday.

Does it matter that it's a long weekend? Maybe not so much in times like these.

I guess I'll just say Happy Sunday!!!

I had expected B.C. to be somewhat back to normal when we returned from 2 weeks off-grid yesterday. Seems my expectations were false. We ate at a cafe that was open in Big Rock. We sat at a table and ordered a Reuben sandwich, it was fantastic. Then the waitress told us they weren't supposed to be open yet but they "just didn't care anymore". We didn't see any other cafes with open signs for the rest of our 2-hour drive back to Oliver. That's unfortunate.

We are currently in Oliver staying at the Maple Leaf Motel & Rv resort where we began this journey. It feels like we are back home for a bit. Oliver has bloomed since we've been away, everything seems more green and colorful. It's nice. We will be staying here until more restrictions are lifted and Andrew finishes the van. This is great because it gives me more time to go back and make a summary video of our first 2 months in our van now that I've learned more and gotten better at it. It's crazy to look and videos from 2 months ago when this all started, we had no idea how to live in this thing. Andrew has drastically improved it for us since we bought it.

Yesterday was my 36th birthday, I spent most of the day reading kind words and messages from my social media followers while relaxing. It made my day. Andrew is going to take me to a winery next week to celebrate. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic birthday especially since I've never been to one. Last year he took me on a helicopter ride over Canmore and we rode our bikes from Banff. I'll throw that video in here just for fun if anyone wants to watch it. It's only a few minutes long. Oh, how our life has changed in one year. He spent yesterday installing us a new heater in the van for when we drive further north.

Hearing that people look forward to Sundays to watch our adventures makes my heart smile. It makes me feel like you are all out here with us. I can't wait to show you all Alaska, Yukon and, other parts of B.C. The videos so far have mostly been about us getting used to living in this van. Eventually, it will be all about the travel and exploring parts of Canada we've never seen before. It's going to be fantastic!

This first video is a mini 24-hour adventure we had in Kelowna. We drove nearly 90 minutes up a mountain only to end up driving back down to sleep in a Walmart parking lot.

I was a little hungover so don't mind the rotisserie chicken scene.

Sorry about the sizing, this will be the last video with that issue.

This second video is our second trip off-grid.

If you are new to our blog and haven't seen "Our first off-grid trip" I recommend you check that out first. It's a pretty funny video and we made many mistakes. We also have a playlist on YouTube where you can watch all of our Vanlife videos in order. All of our social media links are on the home page of the website as well.

We learned a lot and made fewer mistakes this second time around. I'm proud of how far we've come and how much we've learned living in a van thus far. I'm confident we will safely and comfortably be able to explore coast to coast in this Van.

Thank you all so much for following our blog and I hope you have a fantastic week.


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