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Last Blog Post Before Baby!!!

Happy Sunday to all my lovely blog followers.

I apologize for being a week late on this month's post. I was feeling overwhelmed last weekend and never got around to sending it out. Next week will be my last week of work, and I'm really looking forward to being on maternity leave.

We have quite a few entertaining pregnancy vlog videos to share with you this month. Don't mind my pregnancy gas. I'm glad Andrew ended up tooting in a video finally so it wasn't just me. You'll see what I mean when you get around to watching them. I did promise I'd keep it real by including the embarrassing moments.

Thank you again to all of you who were able to purchase us a gift off of our baby registry. We know it's hard times for everyone and we were overwhelmed with all your love, support, and kind words of encouragement. I believe there are 3 weeks left according to Amazon. Baby is due on February 27th.

Andrew Fournier's Baby Registry

Please email me your guesses for gender, weight, and due date and I will share who came the closest. It's always fun to see what everyone predicts.

As for how things have been going, well I suppose the videos will say it all. We've been thankful to be out of the big city and tucked away somewhere beautiful during these hard times. Pregnancy has certainly had its ups and downs, but overall I've certainly been blessed with good health these past 9 months. Being pregnant has cured the insomnia I've struggled with my entire life, and it's been refreshing to be able to nap and sleep easily when I need to. Laying off the caffeine and alcohol certainly helps as well. I don't plan on adding either of those things back into my life, and I also plan on maintaining the high water intake.

I am getting so excited to meet baby. I can feel the little high fives coming through my belly now and it's been magical. I am extremely grateful that Andrew will be home with me for the first 14 weeks of babies life so we can adjust together and share the responsibility. I'm optimistic it will be a magical time for all 3 of us. I will be making YouTube videos again once I'm on maternity leave and have more time to do so. You guys will hear all about the birth and delivery process. I'm sure it'll be an interesting story. I'll also be sharing all about babies first moments and how the first few weeks go. It really makes this journey more special to be able to share it with you all.

Enjoy the laughs and have a fabulous Sunday everyone,


Michelle, Andrew, Baby Bump

33 week pregnancy vlog

New Doctor at 33 weeks

Week 34 was a rough one

Week 34 continued

Was supposed to be week 35 but Andrew got distracted by ducks

Week 35 Pregnancy vlog

The fart!!!

Week 36 (celebrating hitting the 9th month) - Andrew rocked at his air guitar solo!

Seriously can't believe how much I have to go

Birth Ball

37 weeks


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