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Happy New Year - Thank you 2020

I know many can't say the same... but 2020 was a pretty great year for us overall.

We planned on traveling the globe, and a little part of me is still sad that it didn't happen. Maybe the opportunity will present itself again one day.

I know the universe gives us the lessons we need to reach our fullest potential, and what this year taught us was that we have the ability to adapt and live minimally in a Van for 7 months with no plan. I truly feel like it strengthened us as a team and helped us face many of life's anxieties head-on. It taught us how little we need to be happy, and how important clear communication is (there's no hiding in an 80 square foot space).

Even though this year had its tough moments, I am grateful that we learned these lessons before we start our family. We are both stronger for it.

We got the adventure we dreamed of in many ways. We explored, lived simply, embraced the calm, and focused mainly on learning about each other and ourselves. We did as much as possible to heal any past traumas and move forward with fresh thinking. We released all ideas of who others "think we should be" and embraced the idea of forming our own path that many may not understand.

Living off-grid while enjoying mother nature made me quite nervous at first, but now I feel like I can adjust to and embrace any situation I choose to find myself in. We will never return to the fast-paced, busy, over-stimulated, high-bills lifestyle we used to live. Time is wealth, and we have plenty of it now that we have simplified.

I know having children will bring it's chaos of course, but we have cleared the rest of it out, and for this I am excited. We have so much clear space in our heads, hearts, and lifestyle for this baby to come fill.

My advice for anyone out there who may be struggling right now is to clear out some of the noise and guilt in your life wherever possible. Be still with your thoughts and slowly peel away layers so you can embrace what's underneath all the "fluff" this society leads us to believe is important. Learn to hear and embrace the true inner voice that is only yours to hear. It takes time, but once you give that gift to yourself no one can take it away from you.

Do you feel loved? Do you feel understood? Do you feel heard? Do you feel you are honoring/using your gifts? Are you living your life on your own terms?

These are the things that matter most in my opinion. Not what you do, what your labels are, or what others think of you.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions on how to begin this process.

Here are our end of year videos as well as our "maternity pictures" that we did ourselves on my phone.

Happy New Year Everyone and Wishing you all the best in 2021 xoxoxox

Baby Bump 2020 Highlights

Van Life 2020 Highlights

31 Week Pregnancy Vlog

Pregnancy Gas

32 Week Pregnancy Vlog

Here's some photos from our "maternity shoot" that we just took ourselves on our phone...saving $ $ $. I think we did ok!


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