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Johnston's Canyon - The Ink Pots -Larry's Camp

Johnston's Canyon is a must see if you have the opportunity. The waterfalls are absolutely beautiful. It is not somewhere I have returned to often as it feels a little more like a tourist attraction then mother nature to me. It also tends to get a little too busy for my liking, especially in the summer. It is definitely a safe place to go solo, or with kids. Dogs are allowed on a leash, and it's accessible year round. I prefer it in the spring or fall months.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach the lower falls (1.1 km)

It takes about an hour to reach the upper falls (2.6 km - 150 meter elevation gain)

Allow 2-2.5 hours for roundtrip. There's lots of shady spots to escape to on hot summer days.

Upper falls Johnston's Canyon

From the upper falls you can continue on to the Ink Pots and leave the crowds behind you. The Ink pots are another 3km moderate climb through the forest. The ink pots are very cool to see! You'll want to spend some time up there and enjoy the scenery.

Ink Pots

From the Ink pots we continued on another 3km the Larry's Camp for a night of back country camping. The path follows the creek then heads into the forest. Bookings can easily be done online for this site or by calling Parks Canada.

I highly recommend this day trip for back country. There are 2 large tables near firepits that make it easy to play games and cook. Cables are provided to hang bear bags as well. The sounds of the creek create a very peaceful setting. The path will lead you right into the sites.


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