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Hitting the Road Soon to explore - Week #17

We are back at the Farm in Mara, B.C for a quick visit before we hit the road later this week for the next 3 months or so. We are very excited to explore the west coast and head north up to the Yukon at some point as well. The van is finished and we have adapted to living in it, so we are excited for the adventure of a lifetime. We have a loose plan as to where we are headed, but we plan on having the road tell us where to go for the most part, along with covid restrictions of course. I haven't quite finished our next YouTube video yet so I'm attaching some of our shorter videos and TikToks from the last couple weeks instead.

Andrew bought us a cell phone booster and CB Radio for our adventures. Just in case we happen to get stuck with no service for a second time. (Hopefully we are smarter than that now). We also unloaded some stuff from the Van for our big road trip so we don't feel so cluttered.

I don't have much to say this week other than we are very excited to start the next chapter of our adventure soon :) Have a fantastic week and we will be in touch next Sunday.

Michelle & Andrew


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