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Ha Ling Peak - Near Canmore

I only have 1 picture from my hike up Ha Ling Peak. Mainly because it was so windy at the top and there was no where really to sit down and enjoy a snack.

Ha Ling Peak is only 3 km up, but it has an elevation gain of 2407 Meters (really steep).

It takes about 90 minutes to reach the peak and has an amazing view at the top.

They have built stairs into this hike since I climbed it in 2017. I've heard good things about the stairs making the climb more bearable. I think everyone should do this hike at least once if you live in the area... especially if you want a quick solo hike as it is well trafficked.

Baxter Made it up Ha Ling Peak!

It is not one I have felt the need to repeat mainly because I prefer a more scenic view throughout my hike, but I may return to check out the new stairs.


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