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Grizzly House - Banff Alberta

I have had the pleasure of eating at The Grizzly House (Banff's famous fondue restaurant) a few times in my life. It is a more expensive meal, but it is well worth it for the experience and delicious food.

This most recent time was my favorite as we sat outside, and we chose the vegetable fondue instead of the cheese. This meant that I didn't leave with my hair and clothes smelling like oil, and I didn't feel overly bloated and stuffed. Those vegetables were some of the best I've ever eaten.

Every time I've eaten there I've gotten the EXOTIC FONDUE. Allowing you to try a variety of interesting meats. They bring out a hot rock so you can cook it yourself. Venison - Shark - Buffalo - Frog - Alligator - Ostrich - Kangaroo was on the menu this time. It's fun to cook them and try it together. Kangaroo was particularly delicious. They bring you a tray with a variety of sauces to try as well.

We finished it off with the fruit and chocolate fondue (A melted Toblerone bar). Really hits the spot! I think I was so excited to eat the fruit and chocolate that I forgot to take a picture!


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