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"Abort the mission" Week #1 - Vanlife

I truly thought we had planned for nearly everything as we set off to travel the globe for 2 years. We researched cultures, travel insurance, languages, and possible issues that could arise for months. Andrew Spent over 100 hours learning Hindi, not to mention the many travel shots and malaria pills we purchased.

The whole point of our adventures starting March 25 2020 was to go with the flow, live on our own time, learn some skills, and enjoy each other while learning about holistic wellness. This can all be done in Canada. In fact, it may turn out even better this way. If you had told me a year ago our adventure would be beginning in Canada it sure would have saved me some research, but at least I know a little more about the world now.

People expressed quite a few concerns as we planned our 2 year travels around the globe, "what if you get robbed?", "what if you get sick", "what if you lose your passport", what if there's a natural disaster", "what if something bad happens to your condo in Canada while you are abroad?", " what if you run out of money?". Our response was always the same, whatever the situation that arises, we will adapt to the best of our ability and move forward with a positive outlook. We believe in our skills to handle anything that comes our way. We are often working on our character while going out of our comfort zones. There is growth in being uncomfortable, we don't see it as a "bad thing"when you hit a road block. In fact, we were somewhat excited for it. But we certainly never expected this!

If someone had actually said , "What if there's a global pandemic and all of the borders close because a highly contagious virus is killing people?." I probably would have laughed and asked them if they had recently began a new medication. Life's funny that way, we make plans while knowing the universe can shift at any moment. We often spend too much time focusing on a narrative that never happens. Welcome to being human I guess.

When all of this Covid-19 stuff started I kept telling friends that our adventure was a go no matter what. I don't think they necessarily realized what I meant. What I meant was that nothing can stop us from exploring, learning, shedding our past trauma's, and meeting new/exciting characters while disconnecting from our current lifestyle. Regardless of where we are, this is what we are going to do.

We are very excited to get to travel across Canada and explore this fine country for the next few months. We wouldn't spend our money anywhere else during this pandemic. In fact we met interesting people from several different countries while attempting to buy the perfect camper van here in Calgary. Canada has all the diversity we need :)

So I suppose the blog is going to be more of a reality TV show now of us attempting to live out of a van and explore all of Canada...for the time being anyway.

We hope to give you all some laughs through these tough times.


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