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#2a - My first Coach

I remember looking through the window during the kickboxing classes and thinking how amazing those people were. Feeling like someone like me didn't deserve to be in there. I wasn't in shape, knew nothing about Martial Arts and surely I would just embarrass myself while bothering everyone.

I loved Stephen Segal/Van Damm/Chuck Norris movies growing up, but it never would have occurred to me to go try any sort of Martial Arts. Thankfully the universe had other plans that landed me on that treadmill where a coach would invite me multiple times to come in and try.

I was met with nothing but kindness and understanding in those first few classes. For the years that followed I prided myself on going out of my way to make new people feel comfortable and assist them through their first few classes. I never forgot how intimidated I felt or how much I needed that kindness. It gave me great fulfillment to be able to pay that forward in the years that followed.


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