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#1 - My Martial Arts Story Introduction

I have decided to publicly document my entire Martial Arts Story. The good, The bad, and the embarrassing. This will be a lengthy process and a huge commitment, but I know in my heart that it will help me put this chapter of my life behind me so I can move forward past the pain of having to quit due to a traumatic brain injury.

Martial Arts saved my life more than once and it slowly turned an overweight, confused, lonely girl into a 3 time world champion. It is a journey that came with many sacrifices and road blocks. I hope to inspire those who do not believe in themselves to embark on a journey of self discovery in whatever way calls to them. Embrace how long the journey will be and focus on how it changes you more so than the actual "accomplishments". Confidence can be earned through facing your fears and doing the things that scare you. Just because you don't have it now, that does not mean you have to live your entire life that way.

Although Martial Arts did a lot for my self esteem at a surface level, it was ultimately my head injury that taught me how to love myself on a deeper level - without the trophies, the glory, and the recognition. I was a very lonely girl through my martial arts years. I did not feel loved, understood, or worthy. I know now that it was because I did not know how to love myself that I was constantly chasing new challenges. It took losing it all for me to learn that none of it mattered if at the end of the day I didn't except myself for who I was without any of it... but that story will commence after this one ;)


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