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Tunnel Mountain - Banff Alberta

Tunnel Mountain

Tunnel Mountain is a short hike in Banff Alberta. Perfect for a family hike or to start of a date day in Banff. It's 4.3 km roundtrip with an elevation gain of 300 meters. It is highly trafficked and accessible year round. There are a few steep spots, but other than that it's a pretty calm climb most fitness levels and kids could handle.

The views of the valley are quite nice, and there is space at the top to sit and enjoy lunch. I personally prefer the views of Grassy Lakes if I had to choose, but I did enjoy this hike as well. I tend to stay around Canmore as it is closer to Calgary and free to access, but when people are visiting from out of town a Banff trip is usually on the top of their list.

I took my friend Charmaine there after she had a meldown from hiking Tent Ridge the day before. Her fear of heights did not bother her on this hike and she loved the guardrails!


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