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The Upswing - August 30 2019

Every now and then I feel the need to sit alone and reflect on the positives. I give myself a pep talk as if I were my own best friend. I find this really helps me get perspective and shift gears when I need to. I keep my notebook in my purse and when I am in need of motivation I read them.

Keg Solo Dinner - August 30th, 2019

Tonight we are celebrating. Celebrating all the wonderful things to come and all the lessons left behind me. One day at a time I will regain my health and build my brand. One day at a time I will take better care of my body. It's time to take the first step in climbing that mountain. One step at a time. Enjoy the process. Baby steps to a stronger, healthier, and happier you. You just survived a hurricane. Now you have new roots and room to rebuild. That was so so hard. It's OK to take time to bounce back and slowly ween off all medications. It won't happen overnight. Stop wishing for everything to happen so quickly. It is a process.

In 5 months you are going to travel the world with Andrew. Start that trip with the base of your business idea set up and the healthy weight you want to be. 5 months! You have 5 months to do this! That's 2 1/2 fight camps long. There's so much you can accomplish and learn in that time. It's a huge gift. Don't waste it. BellaMima will have a solid Base - so worth all the work. Put the work in!!! You've got this. The money is coming... the money is coming. Don't stress about it just focus on the work. All you need will be provided for you. The universe has your back! It will always provide you with what you need to grow and thrive. Be patient with Andrew as he won't always be where he needs to be to make you happiest. He will always get there in his own time.

Surround yourself with high vibration people. Don't feel guilty. You need to protect your energy to accomplish this goal. It's a process. Ups and downs.

Michelle Eats her steak & Lobster while reflecting... then continues to write...

Wow, what a hard 2 years. Well done champ. That was certainly not easy. It all begins to pay off now! Take that Sunlife Insurance. You could not break me... nothing will... my vision is too clear and my will is too strong. Inspire and Change the world.

Money comes easily to you... it always has you were just resisting it.

All you knew was struggle growing up so you were recreating it.

Invest in you!!! Thrive - work - feel good - look good - hydrate - sleep well - nourish - ALWAYS

Love your body. Stop hating it so much. It's going to grow your children someday and carry you through this life.

All of this pain and trauma set you on the path for this. It molded you. Made you strong. Thank you for all the heartbreaks and lessons.

I am shedding my skin. Shedding my past. I do not need to hold onto my mistakes anymore. I don't need the pain anymore. I have what it taught me and now I can release it.

Time to let the upswing begin! Let's do this girl!


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