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The Dream

My vision for BellaMima Lifestyles is very complex and will take time,

trials and tribulations, to establish. This excites me.

It took me over 7 years to become a 3 time world champion kick boxer,

and I wouldn't change a moment. Big Dreams are worth the time

and've got to start somewhere.

Here is a brief overview of where BellaMima Lifestyles is aiming...

(of course while anticipating there will be modifications along the way).

Starting Point - (2019-2020)

I will be developing my brand and website. Blogging about my Martial Arts Career, Weight Struggles, Concussion story, and Past Travels.

I will be further developing my yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Reiki, and Wellness teaching skills. Including designing my own new modality called "MiMaChi" that incorporate all 3 together in new & interesting ways!

I will be working on losing the 30 something pounds I gained while healing my Brain Injury as well as minimizing my possessions to get ready for my travels.

The Trip - March 25 2020

Travel (approx 24 months)

Starting in India to take my yoga Teacher Training for the 2nd time followed by living in silence for 10 days at an ashram.

Back Pack through many different countries while exploring their holistic rituals and ways of healing. Visiting Ashrams, Wellness Retreats, and learning about different cultures.

Further developing my wellness teaching skills along the way.

Bringing you all with me on my journey while sharing the interesting things I learn on my blog and you tube channel.

Upon Returning home to Calgary sometime in 2021 -


This is when the fun really begins!

Weekend Retreats - Workshops - Wellness Days - Life Makeover Packages

Qigong - Yoga - Meditation - Martial Arts classes on mountain tops, parks, or indoors.

Dynamic meditations and intensive retreats to heal trauma.

The official launch of MimaChi

And many more ideas I come up with on my travels I'm sure to share the things I learn.

BellaMima Lifestyles will develop many different branches of wellness & fitness ideas so you can choose what you wish to try or learn.

That's as far as I'm going to go with sharing my dream for now :)

I thank you so much for deciding to come on this journey with me.

It's most certainly going to be an interesting ride!


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