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Preparations for my trip & Rigid thinking

As humans, we evolved to focus on the negatives to avoid danger. It's natural for our thoughts to turn on us or to develop anxiety when we face the unknown.

The more I trust that everything will work out... the more magical things keep happening to me. The more I worry about all the potential little things that can go wrong, the more I attract obstacles.

Things won't normally work out exactly when you want them to, and this is likely to make us question it. Do your best not to question things and allow the natural flow to happen without resistance. All the worrying certainly isn't helping you. Start believing in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. It all seems less scary when you trust yourself.

- What you focus on expands

- Where the mind goes energy flows

Focus on all the positives and you'll continue to get more positives.

I believe that my entire life has led up to this trip of a lifetime to go around the world for 2 years and learn as much as possible about trauma healing and holistic wellness. Only to return to Canada in 2022 and spread all I learn to as many people as possible through my Retreats, Classes and YouTube channel - BellaMima Lifestyles.

This is my Dharma (my calling).

I can see it - I can feel it - I know it's meant to be.

Yet I still have moments of anxiety through this process. It's really hard not to when I'm making such big changes. When those moments occur, I do my best to acknowledge and release them. I believe in what I'm doing too much to let those thoughts take over.

I believe that everything I go through with letting go of my possessions and preparing for my travels is meant to happen to teach me things. With this mindset, I can handle anything without resistance. It's going to be a little tough, and that's OK. If it were easy everyone would do it, and it wouldn't be special.

I am open to meeting so many wonderful characters along the way who will help guide me to where I'm supposed to go. I will be looking for them and will do my best to always be present in those conversations.

It doesn't mean things won't get tough or obstacles won't happen. It just means that they won't affect me in such a negative way. I know that if I get home from my travels and all of my possessions are gone/lost or ruined for any reason... I am 100% ok with that. So Why worry? They are only possessions.

One of my clients said my quote of the week the other day when I told her I'm struggling because I'm being met with comments from so many people pointing out all the things that could go wrong with my dream.

She immediately said, "MOST OF MY WORST INJURIES AND SETBACKS HAVE OCCURRED IN MY OWN HOUSE" - Ain't that the truth!?


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