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Ladies your list is sh*t

Here's a rant for the single ladies who have a 20+ item list of the qualities they are looking for in a man (He must do this tall... make this much... enjoy these things...ect)

I urge you to throw out that list as it keeps you closed off to other possibilities!

Let go of control and trust in the flow of life.

Your list should be all about you and who you want to be... Not about him and who you want to "find".

Here's a great list...

- someone that makes me happy - someone who balances me - someone I can be myself with - someone who makes me feel loved & secure - someone who brings out a better version of me - someone who will learn and grow with me - someone who accepts me as I am - someone who treats me with respect - someone who can pick up slack when I'm having a tough time - someone who doesn't need parenting

Here's the kicker... YOU can be that SOMEONE yourself! Right now today.

Focus on finding these qualities, and you can find them in friends as well. Start being more kind to yourself. It should be your focus as it's what you can control.

Love yourself more and you will begin to attract more love around you in many ways that aren't necessarily in a relationship.

You attract what you are and if you can start to radiate happiness without a list of what "will make you happy one day" ...magical things will start happening to you.


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