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Andrew didn’t realize he might be autistic until his girlfriend, Michelle, approached him about it months into their relationship. No amount of life experience could’ve prepared Michelle for the confusion she felt while dating Andrew, as he was unlike any man she had ever dated before. The thought never dawned on her that she could fall deeply in love with a man who was autistic or that he might be unaware of this, even into his thirties. 


Whenever they share their story, they are asked the same three questions:


How did you figure out Andrew was autistic?

How did you approach him about it?

How did you get a diagnosis?


These are all fair questions and have interesting and often comedic answers. In this compelling book, Michelle and Andrew answer these questions and share much more. 


You will follow along as their Friendship unexpectedly blossoms into a relationship. You will see Love flourish among ridiculous twists and turns. They bring you along for the Autism diagnosis that allowed them to grow a deeper understanding of each other. 


Andrew’s contributions to this book are invaluable as they give insight as to what life is like to be him. Michelle’s humor and authenticity are both unexpected and refreshing.


Come along on this outrageous journey of friendship turned to love on the spectrum.

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll see numerous people you are close to through a whole new lens! This book is a must-read for people of all ages and walks of life.”  


Teresa de Grosbois, #1 International Bestselling Author of Mass Influence

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