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Big Announcement! Week #19

I've been so excited to share this news with you all. I'll let this video do it for me.

This is most definitely my favorite video of us ever made :)

It's a little slow starting but give it a couple of minutes...

We can't wait to welcome Baby Girl, (I really think it's a girl) February 2021.

If I'm wrong about that feel free to make fun of me later! I'd be surprised though because I can feel her presence so strongly.

Overall I'd say I've had a pretty fantastic first Trimester aside from a few rough days where I slept a lot. Andrew is taking very good care of me and I have low-stress levels as we are living our dream at the moment and making each day what we choose to without commitments.

Here's the day we found out... A bit of an early surprise as we were planning on trying next year. Turns out baby girl really wanted to come now! We couldn't be more ecstatic.

We are very blessed to have had it come so effortlessly. Instead of waking up with my period I woke up covered in hives and was extremely itchy. That only lasted a few days thank goodness. We originally thought I ate something I was allergic to on the farm. HaHa

Here's a Vlog of the first time I got Nauseous (6 Weeks).

I found out later that it was probably because I took my first prenatal vitamins that day.

Happy to say this day was the worst for me struggling with nausea. Haven't had much since :)

Here's my 8 Week Vlog...

Here's our First "Family Photo" and our first picture of "Little Bean".

Seeing the heartbeat flicker was pretty amazing. Andrew said "whoa it just got real".

It was a very special moment indeed.

Here's my 11 Week Vlog after our 2nd ultrasound and meeting our new doctor...

Summery of our plan

As you read this we are just beginning our big 7-week road trip to explore more of B.C. and the sunshine coast. That's our time frame because we need to be back in Salmon Arm for the big 19 week ultrasound the last week of September. Then in October, we plan on spending more time in Golden to get a better feel for the area and get to know some realtors. We will be moving to Salmon Arm for at least 6 months on November 1st as I move into my third trimester. Andrew will be applying for jobs in the area as well as doing side work. We already have a doctor and a fabulous place to live when we get there. I will tell you more about that later on. I will say that we have found the perfect stress free beautiful area to have our first baby and she is already so loved and spoiled by many who can't wait to meet her. Everything single thing is working out perfectly so far, and we have been extremely blessed. We know we are on the right path.

Thanks so much for all your love and support everyone, it means the world to us.

Next week will be an adventure video of week one of our big trip!

Have a fantastic week everyone,

Michelle & Andrew


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